What actually happens in mediation?

The following information is provided to demystify the process and assist you in your preparations. The procedures discussed herein are those normally followed in a dispute that is mediated through the auspices of ERGUR LAW FIRM.

Mediation can be described as an assisted negotiation. The mediator is neutral and has no bias against any of the parties or their positions. He/she is the facilitator who assists the parties in reaching an agreement that is acceptable to them. The agreement is not imposed upon the parties; it is reached through the facilitated negotiation process typical of a mediation proceeding.

Judges and arbitrators make decisions that are imposed on the parties. Mediators may be requested during the course of a mediation to provide their evaluation of the probable outcome of a dispute were it to be litigated or arbitrated.

If there is such an evaluation, it is done at the request of the parties but is not binding upon them unless they request and agree to it. The formal procedures found in court or arbitration proceedings are not present in mediation proceedings. There are no rules of evidence or set procedures for the presentation of facts or positions.

Before mediation commences, the parties and the mediator agree upon the procedures that will be followed. It is the party's proceeding; they can fashion it in any way that makes sense to them and the mediator. This absence of formality provides for open discussion of the issues and allows the free interchange of ideas. Thus, it becomes easier to determine the interests of the parties and to fashion a solution that satisfies those interests.

Gokmen Ergur, Attorney at Law – Mediator, is presenting mediation services in his law office
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